France – Ukraine match all or nothing ‘roosters’

France is about to live again in a nightmare of a strikeout after the 1994 World Cup after three days ago lost 0-2 in Kiev against Ukraine. To note that never in history a team has reinserted a difference of two goals in the playoffs for a world tournament.

During the group inconstant of France was found in poorly round game in Kiev and a 2-0 defeat produced a real shock in France, the press and fans Taxand hard this failure. The main culprit is seen by everyone as coach Didier Deschamps, it will be dismissed in the event of a disqualification. Despite the handicap that we have, the French have had very optimistic statements at the press conference preceding the match, an example being striker Olivier Giroud who said ,, I and my colleagues are ready to die for us to qualify ‘! Hexagon press speculates on account of the fact that Deschamps will operate a series of changes in the first 11 Nasri will be replaced by Valbuena, Benzema and Giroud Karim. There will also be changes and defensive work, Varane and Sakho will most likely replace him as the titular Abidal and Koscielny, the latter being suspended after being eliminated in the first leg.

Ukraine is on track to achieve the biggest surprise of the playoffs while being just a first step of disputing qualification after qualification games in its history after four previous failed attempts of this kind. Coach Mikhail Fomenko has enough trouble before the match on Princes Park, Kucher and Fedetskiy being suspended in place on the horizon Mandzyuk and Rakitsky. It seems that 65 years technician will opt for defensive midfielder Anatoly Tymoshchuk veteran tenure for a better offensive line blocking and the French.